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Leveraging Regional Assets: Methodology

Following up with the last post on Leveraging Regional Assets, I’m going to share with you the methodology behind how we went about acquiring these findings.

What we did was interviewed twenty-two Inc. 500|5000 firms in the Kansas City area. How we went about selecting these twenty-two was based on a history of success. Each of these firms demonstrated success by obtaining high revenue growth over a three-year period.

We began to narrow our search for these twenty-two by starting with a broad spectrum and whittling it down until we had our firms. We started with the 144 total candidates from the Kansas City area that had been listed on Inc. lists between 2007 and 2012. Keep in mind some of these firms appeared on the lists multiple times due to the six year span. We then targeted firms that operate in three sectors, information technology, biotechnology, and business services. At this stage, we were down to forty-two firms. From this point, things got a bit tricky. We contacted all forty-two but eighteen either did not respond, were no longer in business, were bought by another firm, or outright declined. In addition, two companies had actually changed locations and no longer fit our demographic. Over a period of time that ranged from June of 2012 to November 2012 we were able to conduct interviews with twenty-two of the forty-two firms. The fact that we were able to interview just over half of the candidates that fit our demographic should give us pretty accurate answers for the whole field.

Check back soon for my next post on what we found from the twenty-two firms we interviewed.